Thursday, May 7, 2009

Professor Cliff Mass as Blogger

From Cliff Mass's blog:

Michael DeBell said...

Thank you for your testimony last night at the Board meeting and for your energetic advocacy for mathematical education in our city and state. I received hundreds of passionate e-mails on the HS math adoption in Seattle that deepened my opposition to inquiry based math texts and brought the family challenges of overcoming confusing text books to light. I know the vote last night is disappointing but your work raising awareness of our need for better math instruction is not in vain. Persistent community pressure to hold Seattle Public Schools accountable for outcomes in math instruction can make a real difference. Thanks for caring about our kids.
May 7, 2009 10:21 AM

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Anonymous said...

The burden of proof now rests with this superintendent. The board has proven, once again, that it is ineffective in making decisions that support the community's vision.

The textbooks have already been proven a sham. We know the players, but we don't know the game. Time will eventually fill in the details.

But I can say the process behind Seattle's unfortunate decisions has been done no differently than what was observed in, for example, Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Hartford, Palo Alto, Columbus, etc.

Seattle may as well be modeling itself after Hartford. That means SPS academics is going to get a lot more 'outside' help, whether it was asked for or, as we can all see, needed.