Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Visible Learning" a review by Don Orlich

Here it is:

Don Orlich's review of Visible Learning

This book is a MUST reading for all involved in teacher education programs, those who determine educational policies and standards, and school evaluators.
The U. S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, might examine Hattie’s critique, and, perhaps, then resign.
Hattie’s contributions to expanding our understanding of various effects on student achievement should receive accolades from every educational organization.

Donald C. Orlich, Professor Emeritus, Ed. D., Science Mathematics Engineering Education Center, Washington State University, PO Box 644237, WSU, Pullman, WA 99164-4237, Office (509) 335-4844, Email

Orlich is coauthor with R. Harder, R. Callahan, M. Trevisan and A. Brown, Teaching Strategies: A Guide to Effective Instruction, 9th edition, (2010). Boston: Wadsworth/ Cengage. 381 pp.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Writ Action and Strange Days

Where is the media?

Writ Action and Strange Days
Seattle Schools DO NOT follow the law

and apparently believe they DO NOT need to follow the Law.

Where is the media?

{What's up with three superior court judges?}

May 27, 2010 is the day to mark. The strange days will either be continued or ending with the eventual resolution of cases involving the Seattle Public Schools before the Washington Supreme Court on that day.

The central issue as I see it is that decisions made by the Seattle School Board cannot be successfully appealed because the Superior Court rarely makes the SPS follow state law RCW 28A.645.020

School Boards are to make decisions by using all the evidence available to them at the time they make the decision. State Law RCW 28A.645.020 requires the School Board to provide that evidence to the court and the appellants within 20 days of the filing of an appeal of a school board decision. Unfortunately the district rarely if ever meets this legal requirement. At least three judges of the K.C. superior court have decided in at least three cases to disregard RCW 28A.645.020 and favor the SPS.

To win an appeal it is my understanding that the decision of the Board must be shown to be arbitrary and capricious based on the material they had before them in making a decision.

Some superior court judges are exempting the SPS from providing that material .... how can an appeal ever be won when the SPS gets free passes around state law?

If you are new here, then read a bit of background: HERE

Interrogatory showing SPS view of
"We do not follow the law and We don't need to follow it"
Writ of Mandamus ............ Here is the paper work:
Writ of Mandamus ..See Issaquah's Excellent system here.

EXHIBIT 1 - Verbatim Report of Proceedings.pdf (270KB)

EXHIBIT 2 - Responses to Interrogatories re Adequacy of Record.pdf (431KB)


SPS response to the Writ filing

Appellants response to SPS's response

New Tech Network: Opposition of a Motion to extend time
it is clear the SPS are creating a transcript that was never used by the board at the time of their decision but Judge Middaugh grants the extension anyway. State Law RCW 28A.645.020 clearly ignored again.

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Where are the CONTRIBUTIONS?
The Seattle School Board and their employee Dr. Goodloe-Johnson (it is alleged) frequently violate the law with neglect of the RCW 28A 645.020 requirement to keep a complete transcript (certified to be correct of the administrative record) which addresses the evidence used in School Board decisions. This alleged neglect might force a loss of any decisions still under appeal. Student Assignment plan and some school closures are still under appeal but have been delayed because of the Board's failure to provide a certified correct transcript of the truth.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Letter to SPS Smith-Blum on OSPI failure to inform

Letter to Seattle School Director Kay Smith-Blum on OSPI failure to inform about "KCP's Discovering series".


Do Not miss the SPS disregard for state law here:

Some School Board testimony HERE

John Saxon's Story, a genius of common sense in math education

"John Saxon's Story, a genius of common sense in math education", written by Niki Hayes. Interested parties can go to

Monday, April 5, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Competent math teacher on Craigslist

Seattle public school student learns Algebra I after his father finds a competent math teacher on Craigslist

Leslie D. Helm, editor of Seattle Business Magazine, describes here how he and the parents of 30 other students handled an all too familiar predicament for parents. His son was receiving a terrible math education in one of Seattle's K-8 schools. For two years in a row, the boy had the same incompetent math teacher.

Catbert Speaks on RttT

Does not take much of a leap to put either Obama or Duncan into Catbert's chair on this item.

Race to the Top (the 46 losers) Explained by Catbert
Or viewed another way:
As we draw near to the close of an extended legislative session in Olympia, Washington, Catbert explains the legislative process as the ultimate goal is close at hand.