Thursday, May 14, 2009

AIR: MA lags Hong Kong

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Leinwand, former member of the Mathematical Sciences Education. Board member of the National Research Council and past president of the 2,600 members National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics.

Served on the National Assessment Item Development Panel and chaired NCTM Professional Development and Status Advisory Committee.

Completed a 3-year term on the NCTM Board of Directors.

Leinwand is also a senior author of Scott Foresman Addison Wesley™’s K-8 mathematics program.

A new secondary school math program, Math Connections, is changing the way teachers look at math -- and changing kids' attitudes toward its real-world value.

"What makes it so exciting is that it really makes mathematics come alive," says Steve Leinwand, mathematics consultant with the Connecticut State Department of Education.

"What makes it so exciting is that it provides real-world situations and real-world context…to make sense of big mathematical ideas."

So what is it that Leinwand is so excited about? It is Math Connections, a new math curriculum, a math curriculum that's exciting, Leinwand adds, because it's an attempt to implement the new NCTM [National Council of Teachers of Mathematics] standards.

"It's wonderfully gratifying," says Leinwand, "to finally be able to say that there are published quality materials now available that in fact begin to answer the dream that we had for a long time

-- the dream of being able to have accessible, sensible, coherent materials like Math Connections."

Now....what do you suppose I found about MC!!

I was once in a math war skirmish… Part 3: teaching Math Connections
2008 December 30

So once again, we find ourselves at a significant crossroads between fantasy and reality.

The results are devastating. No accountability whatsoever.