Sunday, May 17, 2009

Georgia Superintendent of schools says:


Anonymous said...

The comments are priceless - a GA politician bein' compared to a stewlin', bawkin' dawg. Imagine that.

"While I agree that GA and SC aren't 47th and 49th for no reason, I suppose PT's solution would be to have Homeland Security and Mega-Religion run the government schools. That would improve our stock of "simi-educated graduates," like PT, solving all our problems. Imagine that?" - Reader Comment

'simi' is 'simian' if you don't get the pun.

Anonymous said...

"The difference between the smartest dog and the stupidest man" - sayeth a Washington Superintendent -"is Discovering Algebra."

Anonymous said...

This will be a tragedy. One of the worst ideas I have heard. Who will be most affected? Shall we guess?

"Obama's goal is for the lowest-performing 1,000 schools — about 1 percent of schools nationwide — to close and reopen each year for the next five years.

But the president will have unprecedented money to offer schools from a federal school-turnaround fund. And states have an incentive to act in the federal economic stimulus law, because they must help failing schools improve to be eligible for the dollars.

Combined with the budget plan released last week, Obama could have as much as $5 billion to facilitate school turnarounds, which could translate to $1 million for every school that is closed and reopened.

The federal school turnaround program gets about $500 million a year, and the stimulus legislation boosted funding to $3.5 billion. Obama’s budget would add another $1.5 billion by shifting dollars away from traditional formula programs."

School reform gets a living by assuring idiots that they can be saved from an economic hell. More schooling? Right!

What tune shall we play? "The Marriage of Figaro"?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Dr. Calculas Didactique spends $2.4 million to discover algebra in Seattle Public Schools while flying back and forth between France and the US.