Friday, May 1, 2009

Mercer Island Adopts Math Expressions k-5

Last night the Mercer Island School Board unanimously approved the adoption of Math Expressions for K-5, and additionally obtained agreement by the publisher to put the Student and Teachers Editions on line.

The text was recommended by the Math Review Committee, comprising 6 administrators, 7 parents, and 14 teachers (K-12). It met since September with extensive discussion, and with a rule that an 80% vote was required for decisions, including adoption recommendations.

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Anonymous said...

This report will show you the harm done to college undergraduates all over the US.

MISD was an early pilot for math reform. They partnered with the UW Life Center.

This article is by David Bressoud
Mind the Gap In which he compares US enrollments of four enrollment levels: pre college, introductory, college, and advanced.