Friday, May 8, 2009

Check out the SPS meeting & deception

Now available on Streaming Video the SPS board meeting of May 6th 2009.

Do not miss the extremely misleading presentation at 117 minutes by Greta Bornemann of OSPI. (You will need to click on the slider to advance to 117)

She placed heavy emphasis on Alignment with Standards and essentially zero about the SBE Math Advisory Panel work in regard to mathematical soundness. (Alignment is pointless if the materials are defective). No slide or even mention of the extensive work that went into the SBE finding that Discovering Series was:

Linear equations -- mathematically unsound
Quadratic Equations -- mathematically unsound
Triangle Sum Theorem -- mathematically unsound

She failed to mention that Discovering Series was by far the worst of the four math series reviewed by the SBE MAP.

Ms. Bornemann was asked to present at the meeting by SPS central administration.
I wish to know where her script came from?
Was it of her design?
If it was of her design, it would be excellent if she receives a reprimand from Mr. Dorn. I question whether given her biased presentation should she continue in her present position at OSPI.

I and many SBE MAP members spent considerable time over two years to attempt to bring solid mathematics materials to schools.

Ms. Bornemann's presentation I take as extremely disrespectful to everyone involved with the State Board of Education's Math Advisory Panel.

The fact that her presentation may have contributed to selection of materials that are in stark opposition to NMAP recommendations is particularly disturbing. The NMAP focus is on Authentic Algebra ... Seattle just decided to purchase "Pretend" Algebra on May 6th 2009, along with "Pseudo" Geometry.

The Seattle School District has shown a remarkable dedication to trying to make the unworkable work.
On Wednesday night they went even further away from providing proven materials for students. The SPS will now try to make mathematically unsound materials that failed in San Diego, work in Seattle.

Let it be known that on May 6, 2009 the Seattle School Directors by a vote of 4-3 chose the Discovering Series from Key Curriculum Press to mathematically disable their students over the next decade.

Also let it be known that this Spring after a few hours of discussion the SBE MAP unanimously rejected the Discovering Series as a recommended text series for Washington State students because it is unacceptable. Why did Ms. Bornemann fail to mention this? Was she not there to inform?

The top six programs in regard to alignment are, when statistical variations of scoring are included essentially, all tied for first place. So why the big talk on alignment and how it was done and the near total neglect of how mathematical soundness was determined?

I believe the answer is obvious .. Ms. Bornemann is a pusher of the same programs that failed the state during the Terry Bergeson administration. In fact the supposed mathematicians she referenced were both Bergeson favorites.

Seattle kids now get another failing math selection.

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