Friday, May 15, 2009

One Step ahead of the Train Wreck

In EdNews:

The saga of Everyday Math with Singapore supplementation, or something like that.
From the author Barry Garelick:

It describes my experience tutoring my daughter and her friend with Singapore Math in order to escape the train wreck known as Everyday Math which her elementary school was (and still is) using. In fact, the piece is called "One Step Ahead of the Train Wreck".

I was intent on teaching them fractions and getting through to them before they were exposed to the EM approach of fractional division. In describing the positive attributes of Singapore's program, the article points up the weaknesses in EM's program. I resisted describing their insistence on teaching alternative algorithms, since that's been written about extensively (I refer to some of those articles). Instead, I focus on the spiral approach and how EM chooses to implement it (poorly, that is to say), and the effect it has on students.

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