Monday, May 11, 2009

The Contract language in the SPS
Does MG-J need to repay that 10% salary bonus?

I am really confused. The Superintendent has or has not fired all the teachers because of contract language. The school board in regard to instructional math materials spent significant time on the process and whether instructional materials selection was within their domain.

The reason I am confused is because it seems that the Superintendent’s contract extension and 10% pay increase is invalid.
The union may make a point of her 10% pay increase but it should not have occurred.

B45.00, Motions and Resolutions.

Wherein it states:
"Motions and resolutions shall be presented in writing to provide opportunities for review and discussion. ……... Emergency motions may also be introduced and acted upon at the meeting at which they are introduced. Such emergency motions shall state that immediate adoption is in the best interest of the District. Non-routine, non-emergency items shall be introduced at one meeting, and the final vote for adoption shall take place no earlier than the next succeeding regular or special Board meeting."

Well there you have it. The Superintendent’s pay increase and contract extension happened in one meeting and it was not an emergency meeting. Perhaps by design the opportunity for public discussion was being curtailed?

Clear to me Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson does not have a valid contract from that one meeting slam dunk. So she needs to revert to her earlier shorter contract and repay the excess salary she received. Then the board can, if they so wish, rerun this over the required two meeting span, with appropriate time for discussion and then decide.

Yes let us hold everyone accountable. This will be an excellent opportunity for the Superintendent to model full accountability.

This is a no-brainer is it not?


Anonymous said...

Wow, where in my contract does it say I should get a 10% bonus? Can I close my classroom down -or- even just a part of it? 10% is only four seats.

“Oh, I could spend my life having this conversation - look - please try to understand before one of us dies” - JC

If knowledge only spewed out of a textbook I'd be inspired. I'm holding a Core plus book and look - it feels lighter than air.

Anonymous said...

What if we burned an Everyday Math book to see how much phlogiston was in it? Only what if there was nothing left over afterwards? Would that mean it was all phlogiston? I'll just leave it to the math experts for them to decide. Math reform can't count - where's the success?

Anonymous said...

This is a long term experiment - for over a decade now - How long must I continue blogging against math reform - at least one hour a day before a dishonest lie finally gets replaced by the real truth? Perhaps a Merlino pundit would care to comment? Not that I need any more fuel for my bonfire.

Anonymous said...

"Everybody deserves success for all. I'm a huge supporter of math reform. Possibly I learned with Everyday Math, you'd never know...whatever you believe in, everybody deserves success for all."

-Math reform rights activist.
(I'm stupid okay, so don't remind me.)

dan dempsey said...
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dan dempsey said...

Success for all I've yet to find data in the SPS that over a decade of reform math is bringing success to anyone.