Saturday, May 16, 2009

More from Barry Garelick

Here is an older article but quite relevant as the SPS considers
$474,440 for EDM consumables and $0 for Singapore Math.

Some folks are unhappy with the auto bailout because they do not think the Feds belong in the auto industry. Check Barry's dollar listing of the Fed's developing and pushing math programs.
This does not include all the dollars spent pushing the defective products.


Anonymous said...

"These staffers—Democrats—now worried that they could not support policies [traditional math textbooks] that were also advocated by the wife of a powerful Republican."

I don't get it - because school reform [charters, merit pay, standardized testing, teacher unions, professional development,...] looks all bipartisan - Bush and Obama seemed to have at least agreed on this.

Do all politicians not see a linkage between poor textbooks and test scores?

dan dempsey said...

Do all politicians not see a linkage between poor textbooks and test scores?Perhaps they see the correlation but doubt the causation .....

When I brought the Denver EDM-Connected Math failure to the attention of Brad Bernetek of the SPS before the May 30, 2007 adoption of EDM in Seattle. He said it could have been other factors; as I was unable to find any published evidence that these instructional materials were the source of the bad scores.

Mr. Bernetek was the source of the cherry picked data to support the EDM adoption. He is a Broad Foundation contribution to help MG-J on her mission in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that, Uncle Mega Bucks, a South African real estate developer, squeezing Everyday Math through a school board adoption. Its no different than giving a teacher a loaded gun and telling them to pull the trigger while you look the other way.