Monday, May 18, 2009

Are US students really that bad?

By LIBBY QUAID, – Mon May 18,2009

WASHINGTON – America's moms and dads are getting a good scolding: Your kids are lagging behind students all around the world.

The White House says so, with concern bordering on alarm. So do institutions such as the Gates Foundation, citing performance tests, graduation rates and other benchmarks.

But don't measure for dunce caps just yet.

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Anonymous said...

The worst news is that it depends on where you live and whether you are a minority. Public school has been a major disappointment for parents and the vast majority of children attending school. It is the nature of reform to scold everyone, when the blame resides squarely on carpetbaggers and lobbyists riding on the tails of politicians.

"We are all to blame for this mess" is an oft' heard quote from rascals and charlatans.

I like this one -

"Ignorance and stupidity are a cultural trait of the American millieu."

and then appended to that on the latest Haywire broadcast

"Liberals are to blame."