Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oligarchy or Republic?

Here is a ten minute video I found of interest.

If you watch this you might think about math direction nationally as well as in the SPS.

Think about the math achievement gap in the SPS for disadvantaged learners and how it expanded over a decade. Think about how the SPS ignored the promotion / non-promotion policies that require effective interventions.

Be sure and reflect on the slam/dunk one meeting contract extension and pay raise for MG-J and the Board By Law B.45 violated by this action.

Think about the ongoing push for exploration and inquiry discovery mathematics.
Think about the stacking of the adoption committee. Think about the public testimony at three school board meeting: April 8, April 22, May 6.

Oligarchy or Republic? You make the call.

These days it is beginning to look like:
Effective New Leadership = Oligarchy
Change = Oligarchy

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Anonymous said...

I would add school closures, definitely policies intended to be fractional and divisive.

If its not an oligarchy, than its very corrupt. Academically, the movement parallels antiquated anarcho-syndicalism (unfettered capitalism).