Thursday, May 28, 2009

Profession Development that worked in MA

Richard Bisk, Chair and Professor Mathematics, Worcester State College wrote:

We were successful in North Middlesex because the teachers got Professional Development that improved their math understanding and they got to use good materials (Singapore Math) with their students. I was the lead teacher (assisted by 2 or 3 of their teachers) for Professional Development.

My current view - start with a Professional Development course of 5-8 days that focuses on the math with some discussion of implementation. Then provide follow-up support during the school year and in subsequent summers. Most teachers will say up front that they want the implementation knowledge and not the math as they don't realize how their limited math background affects their ability to teach well. I've been fairly successful in convincing them that the math needs to come first.

Consider Seattle's professional D for the Everyday Math Adoption, it lacked any focus on the math.


Anonymous said...

And math reform says its not the textbook? What do you think Worcester is implementing?


Teacher Resources

- Grade 6 materials - Submitted By Janice Cataldo
- Grade 7 materials - Submitted By Katrina Sinclair
- Grade 5-8 materials - Submitted By Sue Little
- Grade 8 -maerials Submitted by Lori Romano
- Model Drawing Powerpoint (pdf) Spring 2007
- Model Drawing Sample Problem by Grade - Jan. 13, 2004
- Model Drawing: Grade 5 Problems & Solutions
- Multiply & Divide Fractions with Model Drawing - submitted Heidi Squadrit

Anonymous said...

Be humble, be practical. Math reform is a piece of junk and it belongs in a recycling bin, not in the classroom.