Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where is the Money for CCSS?
and what about the students?

Where is the Money for CCSS?

#1 On Dec 11, 2010 ==> WA Gov. et al. take $208 million, headed to local school districts and intended to assist districts in meeting the needs of students in this economic downturn, and places it in the general fund.

#2 The CCSS will cost $185 million and according to OSPI 91% of that will be born by local districts.

#3 On February 4, 2010 the Court found WA State failing to fulfill the Constitution article IX and not adequately funding schools. The State appealed.

#4 Unless HB 1891 passes the State will be underfunding each local district’s primary work of educating students even further, as OSPI estimates $160+ million of the needed $185 million will come out of District funds.

#5 To adopt the CCSS at this time is an assault on WA students. HB 1891 is urgently needed.

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