Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Great News:
SPD will accept forgery complaint involving Seattle School Administrators

From the Office of the King County Prosecutor.

Mr. Dempsey,

I have had a chance to look into this issue. I spoke with an attorney in our Fraud Unit and she spoke with SPD. Sgt. Darrell Charles of SPD did not know why a report was not taken in response to your complaint. At this point he suggests that you contact SPD again and ask to file a report. If you are again told that a report will not be taken, please ask for Sgt. Charles.

I hope this information is helpful.

Janine Joly
Sr. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney

From: Dan Dempsey []
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 9:18 PM
To: Joly, Janine

Dear Ms. Joly,

Our level of frustration with the laws and legal system of the city, state, and county has reached an extremely high level.

I will not go into great detail but get right to the heart of one matter.

The class C felony of forgery was committed by one or two Seattle Public Schools administrators involving an $800,000 contract.

I verbally reported this to the K.C. Prosecutor's office and was told no action would be taken without a police report.

I went to the Seattle Police and they told me they will not allow a complaint to be filed as this should be handled by the Attorney General.

I went to the AG and they will not act without a referral from a County Prosecutor, the Governor, or the State Auditor.

I went to the Governor's office and after three visits was informed it is the King County prosecutor's job to investigate this alleged felony.

In a review of the laws of the state I appears to me that the King County prosecutor is to investigate felonies.

So how do we get the King County Prosecutor to act?


Danaher M. Dempsey, Jr. for the Seattle Shadow School Board

Note: we dropped an appeal of a school board decision that involved this forgery so the matter would no longer be in litigation and could be investigated and prosecuted.

These laws should not exempt public school officials from the law.

Do they?


Chris said...

That is good news Dan. Such a tiny step but so significant. Thanks for your legwork - three visits to the governor!!!

dan dempsey said...

Thanks Chris,

Since decision-makers in WA State have no interest whatsoever in making evidence based decisions and ... to improve a system requires the intelligent application of relevant data, we will not see much improvement ever.

By the way I made visit #4 to the Gov's Office yesterday and was informed by Ms. Younglove that she had been in contact with the AG and that it is the SPD's job to investigate the Seattle Schools and to accept complaints against the Seattle Schools.

Now let me see if the Board will do its job and file a complaint against the Superintendent with the SPD. Hey the Board only has one employee, do you think they can handle this?

kprugman said...

One wonders who held up the police report. Now that SPS is unraveling, all hell should be breaking loose. Good work! Get those Board members to resign, but not until after MGJ resigns first. I'd send her a ticket back to Charleston, not that they'd show up with a welcoming party. She'd be better off pitching a tent in front of the Governor's palace or lecturing at Ann Arbor. MGJ belongs to Broad along with Alvardo and Bersin.

kprugman said...

Those Board Members were phonies the day, that one board member , soon to be ex, closed his blog down. He knew on that day what was coming down the pipe...

What will the Times print? Stupid Board truthfully declares, innocent of any negligence?

Nepae said...

This is definitely a great news. But, I too believe that our board is kinda person on board...that sounds funny