Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Continuous ongoing violations of the law in the SPS need to STOP ... but do not look to the Directors to act.

It is the responsibility of the Seattle Police Department to investigate the Class C felony of Forgery that occurred in the construction of the New Tech Contract action report that resulted in an $800,000 contract award for a sub-standard product.

For the hearing on November 18, 2010 Directors Sundquist, Maier (a lawyer), Carr, and Martin-Morris submitted declarations for the Court in a recall sufficiency hearing in which each declared: that even though the law requires the board to submit a certified correct transcript in an appeal and this was not done. It was someone else's responsibility to do so ... staff's fault if there is any fault but not the fault of any director.

This is legally incorrect it is the Board's responsibility. STRIKE #1.

The oath of office clearly calls upon the Directors to support the US Constitution, the Washington Constitution, and the Laws of the State. They are not doing well there.

Hummm ... so how is it Directors have failed to report the failures to follow RCW 28A 645.020 and in particular the submission of forged evidence in the NTN contract approval decision. The forgery was used in the construction of the Action Report submitted to the Board by the Superintendent and CAO. The forged evidence was submitted to the court by the CAO, as if it was a correct original. Why have directors failed to report the Class C felony of Forgery committed by one or two administrators in the SPS to the Seattle Police Department? STRIKE #2

Do the Directors ever hold anyone accountable for anything?

Here comes a possible Strike #3.... Will any Director act to ask the Seattle Police to investigate this felony of forgery?


Another answer to why the huge achievement gaps ... complete abdication of the responsibility to make evidence based decisions ... these folks make decisions using forged evidence and apparently could care less.


New Student Assignment Plan ... every school a quality school ... what a joke.

Increased separation and increasingly unequal schools ... quite a plan.

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