Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HB 1443 may pass out of Committee on 2-10-2011 UGH!!

HB 1443, which is likely pass out of committee tomorrow (2-10-2011), is a complete disaster.

HB 1443 will spend $187,000,000 (as in $187 million) on implementing the Common Core State Standards in WA State.

Recently the State took $208 million headed for Local School Districts and dumped it into the General Fund.

HB 1891 was written in response to this insanity and who knows if it will get out of committee.

The Bureaucrats love paying for more bureaucracy ... even if taking money from schools is required to fund it.

--------- What will the Ed Committee in the House of Representatives DO?

If past patterns continue, look for more tests and requirements for struggling students .... paid for with the money that should be assisting those students
-- (This is insanity cubed)

HB 1443 is essentially an administrators jobs stimulus act.

"To Improve a system requires the intelligent application of relevant data." Olympia has spent decades failing to apply the relevant data intelligently but has inflated the size of OSPI .... look for that to continue.

If you don't like it call 1-800-562-6000 and register your support for HB 1891 and opposition to HB 1443.

UPDATE ... I believe that the CCSS language has been deleted from HB 1443. Note: The CCSS are automatically approved and adopted if the legislature does not act to STOP the adoption.

HB 1891 is needed.

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