Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HB 1891 needs your help.... NOW

HB 1891 is sponsored by Klippert, Angel, Hargrove, Rivers, Orcutt, and McCune.

It will delay the CCSS for at least 2 years. OSPI had a report due to the legislature by Jan 1, 2011 that report was finally available one month late on Feb 1, 2011.

OSPI calculates the cost of adopting CCSS at $187 million.

The Gov. in December took $208 million headed to local WA school districts from the Feds, which was to help reduce teacher layoffs and recessionary impacts on local districts, and placed the $208 million in the General Fund.

Now under HB 1443, the Gov. wants $187 million spent on CCSS.

HB 1443 is completely absurd. The Gov. SBE and OSPI have done little if anything to enable struggling students to meet higher standards. HB 1443 is a push for more spending on administration and less for classrooms.

Call 1-800-562-6000 and voice support for HB 1891 and opposition to HB 1443.


Slightly Off-task comment:

In Spokane we seen educational employees disrupting a meeting called to educate citizens about Mathematics Education in Spokane.

With increased Federal Control via CCSS, the chance of parents having any control of education will be even less. Please call about your support for HB 1891 and urge its passage through the House Education Committee.


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