Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Felony Forgery and the Gov's Office:
Now What?

Ms. Melody Younglove
Constituent's Services Manager
Governor's Office
State of Washington

Dear Ms. Melody Younglove,

I am deeply disappointed and offended by the actions of the Governor's Office and your actions in particular.

Details of my three visits to the Office of the Governor are detailed in the attached report "Catch 22 for Seattle Schools".

Summary of my three visits to the Governor's Office:

#1. I contacted Lindsay with information and heard nothing.

#2. I contacted Lindsay again. She assured me that she had given information to you. I gave her additional proof of Felony Forgery and asked her to contact me when she had given the information to you. Additionally I asked her to have you contact me.

#3. Again despite my requests in number 2, I received absolutely no contact from you or anyone in the Governor's office.

#4. Yesterday, Monday Feb. 7, 2011 I met with you. You seemed quite familiar with my math advocacy and had been in contact with the AG's office, but never in contact with me.

#5. You told me that the investigation of alleged felony forgery in Seattle was currently beyond the scope of both the Governor and the Attorney General and advised me to contact the King County Prosecutor's office. I find it more than peculiar that you never contacted me with this information. Why did I need to contact the Governor's office a third time to hear this?

#6. As I outlined for you, there will be no referral from the King County Prosecutor because they only act on police complaints. There will be no complaint from the Seattle Police because they believe this action should be covered by the Attorney General.

#7. I find you and Governor's Office and likely the Governor and Attorney General irresponsible in fulfilling the statutory responsibility to uphold the laws of the state and the state constitution.

#8. Your move. Now what?


Danaher M. Dempsey, Jr.

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