Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Busy Opposition to CCSSI and Felony Forgery in the Seattle Public Schools

I testified at a Senate Ways and Means committee hearing and at the House Education Committee's HB 1443 hearing.

I strongly oppose HB 1443 as it continues neglect of struggling students and appears to be a jobs stimulus bill for OSPI administrators.

Representative Brad Klippert now has HB 1891 in the hopper. Hooray, it will postpone the CCSSI Common Core State Standards Initiative for at least two years, if not forever.

A quick recap of the Governor Christine Gregoire's leadership on Education:

A... Gov. Chris G. appealed the court finding that the State does not fulfill its obligation to amply fund and provide an education to all Washington residents, as detailed in Article IX of the State's Constitution.

B... In December Gov. Chris G. called a special one day legislative session and diverted $208 million in Federal dollars headed to Washington School District's into the General fund. That money was to be used to allow districts to prevent the lay offs of teachers. Rep. Pat Sullivan was quoted as saying in regard to the diversion of funds: "We think its legal."

C... The Gov. has supported the CCSSI, which will require at least $187 million to implement.

D... The Governor's office knows all about alleged felony forgery committed by Seattle Schools Superintendent and or the Chief Academic Officer and has chosen to do nothing.

Here is the Scoop on the Gov's refusal to act on felony forgery:

Here is my Myth Busters letter .... Busting 11 myths:


Then call the legislative hotline in support of HB 1891
and in opposition to HB 1443.

The number is


Thoughts from Mark ....

In regard to only MATH: OSPI says implementing CCSS will cost almost $100 million.
This lowers the bar for math education.

On Saturday, I heard Governor Gregoire on the radio wailing about her “immoral” budget and lamenting the “draconian” cuts. After pulling myself together, I thought to myself “Gosh, how else could we spend the $100 million slated for CCSS math?”
(note with Language Arts make that $187 million).

So I went through Governor Gregoire’s budget proposal http://www.ofm.wa.gov/budget11/highlights/highlights.pdf and saw all the proposed cuts and the associated dollar savings.

The only conclusion I can reach is that a vote for CCSS is a vote against women, children, immigrants, a clean environment, ..... , and safe streets. Yikes...what kind of monster would want that?

So let’s ask our legislators the following questions:

1. Would it be better to lower math education standards or to decrease class size by 3%?

2. Would it be better to lower math education standards or kick thousands of kindergarten students out of class?

3. Would it be better to lower math education standards or suspend bonuses for outstanding teachers?

4. Would it be better to lower math educations standards or eliminate the Children’s Health Program which provides medical coverage for 27,000 children whose citizenship has not been documented?

5. Would it be better to lower math education standards or reduce in-home Medicaid personal care hours to 45,000 individuals?

6. Would it be better to lower math education standards or eliminate supervision of 293 sexually violent predators civilly committed at the Special Commitment Center at McNeil Island?

7. Would it be better to lower math education standards or eliminate funding for oil spill prevention and preparedness?

8. Would it be better to lower math education standards or turn 454 criminals from Walla Walla loose on the public?


Note that OSPI
does not have it together.


Common Core Standards. The SPI is authorized to adopt a common set of standards based on those developed by a multi-state consortium on a provisional basis by August 2, 2010, but must not implement the standards until the legislative Education committees have an opportunity for review. By January 1, 2011, the SPI must submit a detailed comparison of the provisional standards and the state standards, as well as an estimated timeline and costs to implement the provisional standards.

This report was one month late and only available three days before the Friday February 4 hearing on HB 1443.

The Governor thinks giving this crew $187 million is a great idea. I do not; how about you?

Call 1-800-562-6000 in opposition to HB 1443.

Honor roll of legislators who I know have a clue, as they support HB 1891.

Rep. Brad Klippert
Rep. Mark Hargrove

Perhaps I may hear from more. Be sure and call your legislators.

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