Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thoughts from Mike on Common Core Standards

Common Core State Standards will continue the "dumbing down" of Washington's Students. -- Dan Dempsey

The Rest is from Mike:

Paving the way for the redistribution of education resources (money & talent).

The “equity” versus “equality” debate is over (as if it ever really happened). We are on the path of government imposed “equitable” redistribution, and not nearly enough recognize it, much less question or resist. It is a lie… it will not work… it never has. The problem with any “equitable” redistribution model is that they’re based on the false assumption that the decision making collective (bureaucracies) are honest, benevolent, virtuous, and endowed with uncommon wisdom. Somebody must decide what is “fair”, and it won’t be you or I. It will be impersonal bureaucratic collectives. Nobel laureate Milton Freidman explained it much clearer than I can, 30 years ago to Phil Donahue.

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kprugman said...

The equity v. equitable debate is a moral issue - only one side refuses to see it that way. We will watch our government grows more insufferable while our society descends into utter despair and chaos.