Monday, February 14, 2011

Delaware is just Like WA

from Transparent Christina: Community Crossfire

Governor Markell has sold Delaware out to common core standards and has bought into corporate school reform,

which has at its core completely unproven methods to fix schools.

He has given us a bunch of trumped up, poorly attended roadshows to suggest that there is widespread support for Race to the Top when in fact there is just plain ignorance on Race to the Top.

The bankers and billionaires have control of the message and Gov. Markell appears to be the messenger.

To top off a "successful" 2010 for Gov. Markell, he is now proposing a 10% slash to transportation for schools and is also recommending the elimination of funding for bus routes deemed to be "unique hazards"

The Christina School District is actively seeking to make the Partnership Zone a wild success under the leadership of Dr. Lillian Lowery, but make no mistake about this: the Governor's support for failing ideas to fix failing schools will make this work very very hard in my opinion.

There is no doubt about it from where I sit: Governor Markell is bad for education in Delaware.


From where The Math Underground sits: Governor Gregoire is bad for education in Washington State.

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