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An unmonitored damaging whole school 3-year instructional experiment on a 50% Black student population
How long does it take to investigate?

"Shades of Tuskegee 1932" in Seattle:

Cleveland High School ==>
50% Black students and 70% low income students.

The results of a three year unmonitored math experiment done by UW, produced such low math scores Cleveland became one of 47 failing schools in the state.

The Seattle Schools adopted a similar set of HS math instructional materials in May 2009. These produced Black student Math pass rates of 12.5% for Black students on the 2010 math HSPE. The 10th grade White minus Black math achievement Gap in Seattle is 55.6%.

Porter, Mass, and McLaren appealed the "Discovering Math" adoption in Superior Court. SBE executive director, Edie Harding, faulted McLaren for bringing legal action instead of working to get better school directors in Seattle.

The adoption was ruled "Arbitrary and Capricious" on Feb. 4, 2010. The SPS appealed and changed nothing about its damaging approach to mathematics. Appellate Court hearing coming March 8, 2011.

Meanwhile the SBE no longer has its math advisory panel meet. An all volunteer panel is too expensive in budget restricted times. Yet there is $183 million that OSPI and the SBE believe should be spent to adopt the Common Core Standards.

Check these remediation rates from Seattle's three community colleges in Fall 2009.

Recent high school graduates enrolled in remedial pre-college courses..

North Seattle CC
English 51%
Math ....  66%

Central Seattle CC
English  31%
Math …. 69%

South Seattle CC
English  72%
Math …. 83%

NOTE:  In 2010 after the $1.2 million adoption of "Discovering" the Black student Pass rate for Grade 10 Seattle Students on the MATH HSPE dropped to 12.5%. What will the District do win or lose in Appeals Court after the March 8, 2011 hearing?

For The Common Core State Standards Initiative, WA is planning on spending $183 million to kick the can further down the road. The first CCSS assessment will be Spring 2015. OSPI, the SBE, and the Seattle Schools administration have done nothing to improve education for struggling students but they have increased the number of struggling students.

SBE Executive Director Harding is incredibly naive if she thinks new SPS School Directors can be elected to solve this problem. The SBE and OSPI are a major part of the problem. Note the four SPS Directors elected in 2007 spent almost $500,000 to win four unpaid positions. There are no campaign limits on contributions to School Directors.

My last contact from the NSF investigator was July 2010.

My letter:


To: The Office of the Inspector General of the National Science Foundation

Dear Dr. Scott Moore,

How long does an investigation take?

This is a fairly straight forward matter.

Lots of spending and no positive results.

This is often the case with Math Ed efforts from the UW. In fact negative outcomes are fairly common.

Note the following:

Thank You,

Danaher M. Dempsey, Jr.


The result of this "Failing School" was turning Cleveland into an Option School using one of the "Race to the Top" "Turn-Around Models" and selecting the New Technology Network as a turn-around adviser for $800,000.

The Seattle Schools administration committed a class C felony of forgery, in construction of the action report used to facilitate the NTN selection. Note: NTN has an absolutely pathetic math model. The results from a multiplicity of NTN schools confirm this but the SPS Directors Sundquist, Carr, Maier, and Martin-Morris ignore those ongoing repeated failures.

The Governor, Seattle Police, King County Prosecutor, and the Governor's office have absolutely no interest in investigating this forgery crime. Certainly the Seattle School Directors have no interest.

What state constitution?

What State Laws?

There is apparently "Zero" accountability and zero enforcement. Rights and Laws are for those with money to go to court; free and reduced lunch students need not apply.

The Tuskegee syphilis experiment began in 1932. Seattle's version is still continuing in the 37th District on students.

Take a bow: UW, Seattle School Board, Rep. Santos, Gov. Gregoire, Attorney General McKenna, King County Prosecutor's office and Seattle police. These folks certainly deserve some credit.

Honorable mention goes to the US Department of Education and the Office of the Inspector General of the NSF for their assistance in continuing this disaster unchecked. Complaints have been filed and they go nowhere. Anyone who thinks Federal Involvement through Race to the Top or the Common Core Standards will be helpful is removed from reality.

This is absurd that "Disruptive Innovation" will improve education. To improve a system requires the intelligent application of relevant data. Apparently doing what has repeatedly been shown to work should not be done in WA State or the USA.

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