Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Washington State PTA's position on Math

2. Strengthening Math and Science Curriculum and Education: The Washington State PTA shall:

initiate and/or support legislation and/or policies that strengthen math and science education by

1) providing students access to curricula that has clear examples and explanations, aligns with the new WA math and science standards and national math panel recommendations which include a focused, coherent progression that emphasizes key topics to prepare students for success in authentic algebra and geometry and simultaneously develops conceptual understanding; computational fluency in basic number facts, standard algorithms, and fractions; and problem-solving skills. Parent involvement in all phases of math/science curriculum
adoption is critical.

2) implementing initiatives to attract, train, and retain qualified math/science teachers

3) providing students who are able to excel in math/science opportunities to advance quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Organizations (PTA, MAA, WEA, NCTM, NSF... are overlooking the elephant in the closet (the DOE's porkbarrel textbooks?)