Wednesday, April 22, 2009

About those SPS Math testimonies

Dear Sherry,

Sorry to have missed you two weeks ago. Hope you are feeling better. At that time there were 15 math testimonies:
11 to reject and 4 committee members for the recommendation but no one else.

On 4-22-09 as currently scheduled there will be 7 math testimonies, likely 6 will say reject and one a committee member will say good stuff approve the recommendation.

Not one Seattle teacher unless on the committee has testified in favor of it.

Despite the fact that opposition to the recommendation in the political environs of the SPS is not appreciated by Central Administration (believe me I know) look at the teachers testifying for Rejection:

Ted Nutting - Ballard
Bob Murphy - Franklin
Glenda Madison - Rainier Beach
Mike Rice - Rainier Beach
Linh-Co Nguyen - North Beach
Pat Bailey - Schmitz Park

Six teachers for rejection and only three teachers all committee members for it:
Jim Heliotis - Special Ed consulting teacher
Alayne Cartales - Ballard
Amber Matheis-Nelson - Sealth

Please reject the mathematically unsound "Discovering Series".

The fact is that no one in the general public testified for the recommendation. Harium's Blog and the SPS Community Blog confirm that almost no one finds this recommendation acceptable.

Thank you,


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