Monday, April 20, 2009

Math Wars: the Western Front ..January 2008

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Notice the second comment is by Goldenburg - "the politically motivated Fordham Foundation is qualified to assign a letter grade?" But not Goldenburg? Haha

He's the guy holding the cookie jar. How could he not know Phil Daro?

These guys pay each other to do wonderful things with reform curriculum. Six degrees of separation or just marvelous coincidence

In Berkeley, California on July 10th the International Society for
Design and Development in Education announced the award of the first
two ISDDE Prizes, of $10,000 each, to:

Malcolm Swan of the Shell Centre, University of Nottingham for The
Language of Functions and Graphs

Glenda Lappan and Elizabeth Phillips, jointly, of Michigan State
University for Connected Mathematics.

The Chair of the panel of judges, and the creator of the Prize, was
Phil Daro, Vice-Chair of ISDDE.

I was going to add, one of the board of directors on the Metlife Foundation is also president of the Gates Foundation Global Development Program.'s an article from 1993
Two days after Howard County received top honors on Maryland's annual report card for public school systems, legislators and council members heard a different - and far less glowing - assessment of student performance.

Dwight A. Burrill, president of Howard County Community College, told lawmakers Nov. 18 that 82 percent of county high school graduates who arrive on campus in Columbia require remedial mathematics. In addition, six out of 10 first-year students need remedial writing and reading classes.

The college's findings startled some lawmakers because they coincided with a state report card on student performance that showed little indication of problems in Howard County ...

Bishop does a great job transcribing Treisman and Daro - thanks to Bellevue staff and WTM.