Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SPS Directors, Please Budget for Math lawsuits

Dear Seattle School Directors,

In the event that you adopt the selection of Mathematics materials currently recommended by SPS administration, which includes the "Discovering Series" from Key Curriculum Press: How much is the district budgeting for lawsuits?

Please consider the coming end of course assessments in Algebra and Geometry from the state and the scores likely needed for graduation.

Soon will be coming: "My kid did not graduate because the SPS chose a math series that was rated as mathematically unsound and unacceptable by the state. The SPS has steadfastly refused to offer the effective interventions mandated in school board policies D44.00 & D45.00 instead socially promoting my unskilled child to grade 9. In High school the primary instructional math materials consisted of an unacceptable math program that offered nothing below Algebra I. Please send the check for the $2.7 million to PO Box ___ Seattle WA."


Danaher M. Dempsey, Jr.
SBE Math Advisory Panelist (2007-2009)

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Anonymous said...

Board members can't be sued for making bad decisions, only school districts. Educators should have merit badges before they get elected to office - like I'm an unenlightened idiot, vote for me. I can do no right, nor wrong.