Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chain of command oversight nets principal two days of administrative leave.

Puyallup principal receives two days administrative leave for email to school board.

No wonder school boards are so poorly informed.

In Dec 2006, in a conversation with Sally Soriano I pointed out that SPS Central Administration claims about West Seattle High School Interactive Math Program use and enthusiasm differed from reality. She invited me to testify at a school board meeting.

The question now is... should the Puyallup principal have testified at a school board meeting? Of course not .. even his email was unacceptable.

So what does all this tell us about Sealth Principal John Boyd's public support of the "Discovering Series" at the SPS school Board meeting on 4-08-09?

News Flash !!! Building Administrators support Central Administration.
Is there anything more useless?

It looks like a good two days of administrative leave should accompany anything less than the support of central administration.

I guess it is really important to keep the school directors in the dark.
Dialogue is taboo.
The bumbling continues as directors continue to be the directees, and Central Administration directs the directors by controlling the flow of information.

Open and transparent is a goal?
It's best that Board directors only be informed by senior staff...its both best practices and a high leverage move.

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