Saturday, April 18, 2009

Connected Math out in Kennewick

Positive News....

Connected Math will be discarded in Kennewick
. CMP is used by 64% of WA middle school students. This is because of Dr. Bergeson's promotion of CMP as WASL aligned. It was hardly the result of adoptions based on the success of others in using CMP.

Now we see the emphasis turning to increasing student math competence. Testing of actual math skills and knowledge to measure that competence should drive out CMP or force significant supplementation until the CMP materials can be replaced.


Anonymous said...

Part of the reason that math reform is failing in Washington are that once districts gain sufficient numbers of minorities (more than 50%) then districts have no choice but to resort to using traditional (direct) methods of instructing English language learners. Districts that want to maintain a 'white school' image will continue using reform curriculum until they are white, then they revert back to traditional curriculum. More strident white communities (TULIPS) will stay with reform math because its profitable for them (free grant money).

Anonymous said...

Look at the curriculum used in a public school in Mexico? Traditional (if not Saxon) except its in Spanish. What a concept. The US math reform effort is plain quackery and its sinking our economy into an abyss.