Sunday, April 19, 2009

Helping Women reach their potential in Math ...... NY Times article


Stefanie says:
Her methods sound a bit like Kumon...

Ms. Thomas’s style of teaching has been called math boot camp because it emphasizes traditional basics: memorization of multiplication tables, for example, and the use of timed quizzes and tests. By mastering fundamentals in rote learning, she said, math becomes second nature and inspires confidence.


Anonymous said...

I hope that's not being called innovative. While most hs teachers I know are being told how and what to teach (Everday, IMP, Core Plus, CMP, TERC,...) If you're an English teacher its the same(Holt anybody). We don't even ask why anymore.

At my last 21st century unschool in Washington, teachers wrote 'constructivist' lesson plans (copied from the internet no doubt) and students discovered themselves.

Teachers went whale-watching and climbed outdoor ladders for professional growth. Our principal bought a new SUV every year and traveled to DC and Chicago for professional growth.

While if you were bad SOB (a counselor phrased it like that), you went to alternative programs If you were a boy you dropped out in 4 months. If you were a girl, you dropped out after a year.

On any given day my principal was a cross between General Lee and Hitler. Not surprisingly the school was mostly white southern protestant while the community was 25% Hispanic. For science and math lets use intelligent design and Core Plus. A few of the classes prayed before taking the WASL. My condolences. I moved back to California where there are fewer space cadets to contend with. Washington parents and children have my sympathy.

dan dempsey said...

I moved back to California where there are fewer space cadets to contend with.That pretty much says it all about TB and the drones that lapped up the nonsense for 12 years. Will things change? Oh ya they always change but for the better? Time will tell.