Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Caused You to quit School? Mathematics


Anonymous said...

Look at the researchers at the end of the article - Hyman Bass and Deborah Ball. This is the enemy, the same group of researchers from NCTM that say inquiry based learning works for disadvantaged students.

Ball is the quack who invented taking draconian measures with more quackery, like implementing fidelity of curriculum when reform math was criticized as ineffective and she proposed training teachers rather than rewrite textbooks.

Bass headed the committee that approved the DOE's exemplary curriculum and created our double math standard. It is their lack of planning and sincerity which created the catastrophe we have today in education.

I can't think of one industrial country that has a more ineffective and irresponsible education system than the one we promote in this country.

If the US had one nationalized math curriculum in the works that prepared all students for algebra in the eighth grade, we could eliminate social promotion. Otherwise it can't be done.

Anonymous said...

I quit school because I couldn't pass the idiot math class at our school. Math is lame and the teacher was racist.