Thursday, August 14, 2008

Complete ACT data

For ACT results for 2008 click HERE.

Once the page loads, you can click on WA and do a .pdf download of the complete WA state report.

Of interest is the fact that only 17% of WA seniors have ACT scores
and only 53% of WA seniors have SAT scores. WA participation rates are low.
See page 6 where only 61% of that 17% are ready for college algebra.
On page 17 while only 61% were ready for college algebra for Black students it was 19% and for Hispanics it was 27%.

1% of WA students tested planned to major in Math. That group had the highest ACT composite average score of all majors classified (page 24).

Course pattern information is on page 22.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent information that you are providing - the key to this puzzle lies in the quality of the output - presently the only thing we can trust are SAT and ACT numbers. That's how you show improvement, not something so asinine as the WASL. Thanks for sharing this data.