Friday, August 8, 2008

Terry Bergeson misleads the public in the voters’ pamphlet.

Terry Bergeson misleads the public in the voters’ pamphlet.

Her claims are quoted here: “WA leads the nation … with some of the most rigorous academic standards in the US." A 2006 Fordham Foundation report ranked WA 42nd, with only 4 states having worse scores.

"Terry Bergeson led the effort to adopt these standards, and continues to strongly support them." In fact, Bergeson so thoroughly resisted the legislative mandate to improve math scores they turned it over to the State Board of Education.

"More than 91% of the Class of 2008 met new graduation requirements …" Roughly 30% of the 2008 class dropped out of high school. Approximately 60% met graduation requirements.

"WA leads the nation in SAT scores." College Board data shows about 40% of the states having better scores than WA.

"Academic achievement for students in all ethnic groups has improved significantly. " The gap in math WASL scores between blacks and whites grew from 28.6% in 1999 to 33.8% in 2007. SAT scores have been flat for ten years.

"More career and technical opportunities are available." Students are LESS able to get technical jobs because of Bergeson’s disastrous math agenda. Only around 50% of tenth graders pass the WASL. Math remediation at community colleges statewide is also about 50%.

Teachers’ unions statewide have given Bergeson a vote of no-confidence. They, and the WEA, endorse Randy Dorn for OSPI. Terry Bergeson is accountable to no one. We need Randy Dorn to restore integrity and accountability in our system of public education.

Dick Padrick
Lake Forest Park, WA

Sharon Peaslee
Redmond, WA


Anonymous said...

TB has been accountable to no one for the last 12 years and Washington voters are finally waking up to that fact. That's why your schools and healthcare system are so shamefully incompetent.

Washington is going to have to clean house. I've never seen so much stupidity come from one capital - it even smells bad. These idiots don't deserve to be heard, they've whined and complained the whole time and drove this state over a cliff in reverse. Nothing but a bunch of quackers. Dorn is going to have alot to repair, especially credibility.

Reform math (and now science) sucks!! Throw out the get rich quick reformers. Throw out social parasites.

Pass law, not gas. Make sure the contaption works and children and parents approve. Otherwise, you stand little chance of success. Now you've got a real battle.

David Blomstrom said...

"We need Randy Dorn to restore integrity and accountability in our system of public education."

Randy Dorn tried to get the lawmakers to pass legislation that would fatten pensions for just two people - Randy Dorn and a union lobbyist. And you think he's going to restore integrity and accountability?

Oh. My. God. You must be one of the idiots who elected Greg Nickels mayor, after he embezzled (excuse me, LOST) $1.1 on Sound Transit.

David Blomstrom
Candidate for Supt. of Public Instruction

Anonymous said...

TB says Fuzzington will progress by running time backward. This will involve constructing a time machine with McCune bringing donuts and coffee. TB has hired an alien to fly it. The contraption flies on tulip petals and is capable of Warp 66.

TB - "UW says 'Learning' is like crop-dusting, when we appear over seattle, we'll smart-dust the space needle and that will make all the little children smarter."

Glad to see there's someone using their brain in this state.

Anonymous said...

I don't know of what either Dorn or Nickels has done, you would know better than I, so extemporize.

According to our math geniuses at OSPI, you're not that far behind in the polls, so why not?

I'm only a low-life butterfly in cyberspace - doing my shaman dance for the thick-headed, kamikaze potentates running their 'possibilities' schools into the ground for the last 12 years.

Looking forward to being a fly on a wall at the next seance.