Thursday, August 14, 2008

This week's Cartoon

From Oak Norton,


What an appropriate caption ....
We print this stuff because we have a business to run and people buy it.

Look at WA state Math results on ACT for our selected 17%
Look at OSPI recommendations of the last several years.

Perhaps the caption needs this included..

We print this stuff because we have a business to run ( so data neglecting State education officials will recommend it to their follow the leader sheep ) and people buy it.

Take a bow Seattle Schools et al.

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding - the only way to humble these gods is hold a mirror up to them. Dorian Grey should be recommended reading for Socialist liberals.

"US math is more appropiate for teaching slaves; while Singapore math 'only' prepares students for engineering. It takes a long time to kill motivation, but US math and science classrooms can do this surprisingly well."

These jerks did their own lousy research. The only way to attack them is by taking cameras into classrooms and show it to the world the big lie of US public education. The only way to stop de facto segregation is by adopting one curriculum written at the appropriate reading level. Honest, sincere research would be a big plus for the current morasse of math education.