Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Elway Poll results

The lowest re-election figure for any statewide incumbent is Superintendent of Public Instruction Terry Bergeson. She is supported by just 12 percent of those polled. A whopping 67 percent are undecided.

Elway Poll results click HERE

Hopefully the public is finished with being fooled.


Anonymous said...

With B. almost gone, how many rats (foundations, movers, shakers, and snake charmers) will be jumping ship. Twelve years of lunatic management. Axe cuts what the tree remembers. Public schools are a bigger wreck than the Titanic. Here's a plan - Put OSPI and their psychics on a barge, light a few candles, sing Louie, Louie, and deep six 'em. Nuts and moonies are no longer welcome in Washington. Take your party back to Michigan.

Anonymous said...

The B. and Dino groupies managed to run social programs in reverse, steal from the poor and provide for the rich. Flakes and rats - they sure know math. Right, anybody can teach....you go tellem Dino...$10 per hour is what Republicans feel teachers are worth. Slaves wages. This is what Washington gets in return for electing aholes like B. I've never seen a state in such a state as this one. shame on you.
signed GIGO!

Anonymous said...

OSPI is medieval fruitcake filled with nuts and drenched in cheap HPB theosophic liquor. Light me. Lets Feng shui classrooms and charge millions in consultants fees.

Bunch of superstitious idiots. They thinks zero is the sign of the devil, the decimal point hasn't been invented yet, division is repeated subtraction. Shoot, why not get rid of place value?

Lets go back to teaching roman math and latinize our names, so we can live just like Cesar and Flavio Octavius. McCune would like that - how many hours to Armageddon and how many millions did you spend finding that answer?

OSPI is a bag of bad wind. Even chimps can do math better than the Dana Center. Bergerson should learn hooting, before running for sup again - at least her skills at communicating will match her math ability.

Dino boy gets a prize for living longest without a heart. Chairman of the Undead party.

signed United Helots of America