Monday, August 11, 2008

Do we Expect Too Little of our students?

Here is an interesting post on the Seattle Schools Blog.


Anonymous said...

Naive and certainly not convincing enough that universal pre-k will make children better mathematicians.

Why not work to improve upon what you already have.

Instead you work to expand an already corrupt and wasteful bureaucracy where anything can be counted as a school, yet can refuse to divulge who gets counted as a student or as a non-student. We cannot even agree on how many students actually graduate on time or not on time.

The Michigan/Wisconsin/Univ. Chicago ed departments not only can't write math textbooks, they don't do good statistics either and worse they don't take criticism well. So you're either with them or against them. Get them out of the driver's seat. Cut their funding and put a big piece of tape over their mouths. Kids can do math better without their incessant drivel.

Anonymous said...

Why not let just one school in the state of washington use Singapore?

Ans: Cuz it would be a superior program in every respect.