Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dorn, Bergeson, and Union money

Reported by Callaghan in the Tribune.

Does Union’s Election interest pass smell test?
Published: August 14th, 2008 01:00 AM

State schools Superintendent Terry Bergeson thinks her opponents are cheating.

In a complaint filed with the state Public Disclosure Commission, Bergeson says a so-called independent expenditure campaign paid for by the Service Employees International Union is not at all independent from her main challenger.

The PDC is charged with sorting it out. Given its recent record, don’t hold your breath for a resolution.



Anonymous said...

This is a good race for unions, because they're finally getting the picture of what Republicans are up to. This silly little idea about reforming school finance affects every public employee in the state. Instead of focusing on test scores, you should be considering how AYP affects school finance. Anyone that has access to the internet and software can create a school and name it after themselves. It doesn't even matter if they graduate, you just have to show that students are enrolled and hope you don't get audited.

Washington lawmakers are anti-union and that's what people should be focusing on - output-driven finance reform which has everything to do with the WASL.

W. doesn't protect state employees from pointing out fraud. Instead the public is relying on auditors who are presently glossing over the details and painting pretty pictures for the public. Will the DOE step in? Not a chance. This government is totally aligned with itself - waste, fraud, and employee abuse.

B. can't afford to lose this primary, because there is going to be h... to pay. So if you can't win, get dirty.

B. losing is a huge setback for private vendors who've set themselves up nicely providing for tutoring, hot lunches, bus transportation, private custodians, online education, private academies, school leaasing, etc. This is being done at the expense of state employee wages. How much does it cost to run pyramid builder, k12 inc (NYSE: LRN)? It pays teachers $10 per hour. A stupid fairy tale company with huge negative earnings, that manages to stay afloat because it receives federal grant money.

Washington is setting itself up for big-time lawsuits - this is a national socialist system - what happens if one of these two-bit schools fails (the government steps in and pays the bill for failure and off go the corporate whiz bangs to a new state to terrorize (90% overhead, 10% education)

- the national certification program, another money pit, its not going to work because its too expensive for teachers and school districts.

There isn't the money to certify everyone. Why must you be certified? Really a bunch of nonsense meant to give elitists more money and prestige.

So feed your pals money and burn the critics. That's Calvinism, with Mussolini's ambition. Washington leads.

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden TerryB cares about the rules and the law and following it all in a timely manner!

I'm kind of glad that her appalling hypocrisy isn't letting up.

Anonymous said...

The media is not making any sense when you examine the rhetoric and what's going on in people's lives. I was listening to a radio show this morning and a caller was absolutely furious with this government. I cannot think of a more insane time for politicians. If they don't change their attitudes and start helping people, there's going to be an uprising and things are going to get ugly. People are mad and they are venting. The media is not helping the situation either. There is no balance anymore and its terribly unfair and corrupt.