Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Paying Students in NYC

The results are mixed.


Anonymous said...

The NYC link is yahoo I think. Your June 11 post showed up on matchtrace. Nice.

What makes this debate so interesting is that after careful comparisons of math curriculum showing what a bunch of nonsense the DOE's 'superb' textbooks really are, it doesn't require a great deal of elaboration to convince school boards that some officials are no better than quacks, who don't belong in a classroom.

Any responsible person making policy for classrooms should be aware of the double-bind hypothesis - setting chronic unrealistic expectations that can't be achieved by students negates progress.

Not even paying successful students will help
because it leads to classic fascist oppression - similiar to the arguments against teacher merit pay. This hsa all been tried before without any success and will only lead to more accusations of graft and corruption.

Signed, 343 (three for three)

Anonymous said...

Technology merit pay is another case in point. Why would pay a dope extra money (stipend) for teaching Powerpoint? Computer science in US schools needs to start putting the computer back into science - kabish?

Anne Arbor really loves reform math. Good for them.