Friday, August 8, 2008

The Stranger gives WASL to Terry Bergeson

From the Seattle Stranger click HERE

From the article:

Bergeson has consistently defended the WASL as a high-stakes requirement for graduation. We decided it would be funny to present Bergeson and her challengers with a few sample questions from the WASL and she bombed the test. Bergeson only answered two out of the three questions we put to her and both her answers were wrong.


Anonymous said...

You've got to love this. TB is going down in flames. A flat-footed chimp - she didn't anticipate this?

A teacher takes every test they give their kids and I tell my own students I do their test four times faster.

TB doesn't have a chance - petunia better pack her bags and get out of Dodge City because this state is going to be madder than a bee's nest when they start opening up OSPI's books. A bunch of mummies living in a tomb.

Haha serial killer handwriting - more like Cujo's.

Anonymous said...

Washington leaders have no more ambition than climbing on the miseries and credulity of children.

Leaving schools and hospitals in the lurch. Get rid of the racists. Keep the Bush rat farm in China. We could care less. $10T debt limit to misappropriate more money.

No doubt McCain will propose making Iraq into a state to appease the New Liberal Republicans. Coulter the Shiv will be your running mate - what a stooge.

dan dempsey said...

KOMO reports that Randy Dorn did no better but again Mr Dorn is not advocating that we continue spending on this fiasco as Dr Bergeson does.

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Anonymous said...

Dorn doesn't make much sense of the WASL - a 21st century version of the test doesn't sound too promising.

Standardized testing is poison for any candidate. Not even the candidates understand their own policy and it has everything to do with financing schools.

Dunce caps for both candidates...

Cujo didn't bring her reading classes (better than my dog ate it).