Saturday, May 1, 2010

FOIA = $$$$ to make Bold and Disruptive Schools

Dear Senator Oemig,

Remembering our conversations about "Race to the Bank", it appears that 6696 is in need of a lot more than fine-tuning. Change is NOT necessarily improvement. If Bold Disruption is believed to be a solution, it is clear that Seattle and OSPI have no idea why schools fail to serve educationally disadvantaged learners. Apparently no one has taken the time to thoughtfully consider either Project Follow Through results or Hattie's Visible Learning, if OSPI's idea of change is believed to be a solution.

Bold and Disruptive is the Plan for schools (well funded also).
This is official confirmation of advancement beyond absolute insanity.

Please see the attachment for Seattle's answers to OSPI's questions.
47 schools were failing in WA. 41 applied for funding. Only 18 were selected.
For Seattle 3 applied and 3 were funded to the tune of $2 million.

The OSPI questions are as bothersome as the Seattle answers.

I just got the attachment with an FOIA reqest to OSPI. It appears there was no fact checking of Seattle's answers.

Since neither OSPI nor Seattle has any idea how to direct schools toward improvement; the path to School Improvement is now believed to be: use more money to disrupt school.
It seems that both Seattle and OSPI need a "Civil Rights" Federal Court lawsuit for their ongoing failure to serve educationally disadvantaged students. Awarding even a dime to Cleveland HS given Seattle's Math actions {appeal of the Spector decision & the destructive unmonitored three year math experiment on Cleveland H.S. students} and selection of the New Tech Network as the provider of their turn around model is beyond the comprehension of anyone familiar with well researched valid education literature. The academic performance of the NTN schools is abysmal. See demonstration schools New Tech Sacramento, NT Welby in Colorado, LA school of Global Studies for starters. A completely flawed approach is being funded.

Now we are clearly relying on another business person or persons telling schools what to do.

Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns
by Clayton M. Christensen

The bold and disruptive approach will change our schools. Rest assured that if our schools weren't already near the point of being unfixable for educationally disadvantaged learners, the bold and disruptive approach will take things beyond the brink. With the continuation of NCLB/Blueprint coupled with RttT, this country may well never recover.... will education ever recover... ??? ..... 6696 Huh??

When educationally disadvantaged learners come out of grade 3 poorly prepared it is close to game over. Note at Cleveland in 2009 for WASL math only 1 of four black students could score above far below basic and this was the result of three years of expensive interventions from an NSF funded collaboration of SPS and UW. None of these Cleveland students tested were credit deficient. Seattle wastes money by the truckload. Why is OSPI giving them more money to waste on Cleveland High School?


Danaher M. Dempsey, Jr.

Here is the list of approved providers but as usual it does not matter if NTN is an approved provider or not. Seattle wants NTN and even though NTN has an established record of under performance OSPI approves money for Cleveland. Cleveland is on this list because principally of three years of very poor math performance thanks to UW.

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Anonymous said...

The State's response to data collection - throw more money at it. You'd think these jerks, even if they hadn't any sense, would act more responsibly.