Friday, May 21, 2010

The Big Cover up ....

Watch this from minute 29:30 to 34:00
So why are we NOT hearing about this?

Look at Seattle and Cleveland High School
and OSPI's involvement in this same kind of debacle.

Thanks a lot WEA, SEA, and sponsors of ESSB 6696 in the WA legislature for the RttT and current School Improvement Grant fiascoes.

41:15 High School started by revolutionary nuns.
Read the BERC report on Cleveland HERE.

Note: The purpose of this report is to assist Seattle School District (SSD) in identifying federal intervention model appropriate for Cleveland High School (CHS) and to inform the district School Improvement Grant application. Information about district level practices and policies will be reviewed to identify potential barriers in district policy and practices that may impede the district’s ability to implement an intervention.

There is ZERO evidence that the proposed intervention will produce significant improvement in mathematics.

Also BERC noted the disruptive environment in some Cleveland classes. Why is the District so focused on NOT allowing teachers to use State Law RCW 28A.600.020?

What is clear is that a large amount of resources will be funneled into Cleveland to the detriment of other schools..... NOTE this is exactly what Duncan did in Chicago to the detriment of many neighborhood schools.

The "Billionaire Boys Club" apparently owns OSPI and the Seattle Superintendent and four Seattle School Directors.

When we look back in 15 years we will likely see great similarities between:
Savings and Loan Scandals (Keating five)
Junk Bonds (Michael Milken)
Enron (Ken Lay, Jeff Skillings)
Mortgage Meltdowns ala Goldman Sachs, AIG etc.
Global Warming and Carbon trading (if Obama pushes this farce through) Al Gore
Race to the Top .. Gates, Broad, New Venture Partners, KnowledgeWorks Foundation.

Note Global Cooling Research here ... buy a coat

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