Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NTN appeal of 4-7-2010

Here it is the next step in legal action against the SPS.

The New Technology Network contract
was originally approved 4-2 on 2-3-2010
It was appealed on 3-5-2010
The original was so flawed the district went for a redo do-over
with an introduction on 3-17-2010
and final approval on 4-7-2010

This is an initial filing of the appeal of that 4-7-2010 school board approval.
It is available in both 12 point and 16 point for your inspection.

If you really care, print the 12 point. It runs about 40 pages.

Next Up is Supreme Court on the 27th of May.
"Writ of Mandamus" and several pending appeals from Superior Court consolidated into one for the WA Supreme Court to review.

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