Friday, May 14, 2010

Seattle School Directors ... a letter
this is a Racket .. for sure

Dear School Directors, 5-14-2010

Some of you need much better reasons for your decisions and better decisions are needed.

Tacoma approves new math books:

Seattle is looking more and more like a Math island. A highly discriminatory Math island waiting for more legal action in Superior Court, at the State Supreme Court,
and perhaps an eventual "Civil Rights" legal action in Federal Court.

Selection of New Technology Network fits the bill here:

Look who has a hand in the cashbox.... and with OSPI help.

A rash of arbitrary and capricious decision making abounds in Seattle.

Review the NTN contract approval reasons given on 2-3-10..

#1 Maier its PBL, good enough for my vote.

#2 Carr called everyone but failed to use any objective measures of success known as relevant data. (Because there were no objective measures of success for NTN schools)

#3 Sundquist : I believe students are graduating at a high rate from NT Sacramento (despite being supplied with data showing the exact opposite).

#4 Martin-Morris on 2-3-10 emphasized two items Thornton Creek math PBL and NT Hillsdale success ... but by 4-7-10 both were known by Director Martin-Morris to be incorrect and yet he offered no additional explanation for his positive vote on 4-7-10.

None of these four directors offered any additional clarification for voting yes on 4-7-10. They preferred to stand on their rationale of 2-3-10. They chose to ignore the E Anderson memo and mountains of data.

{Excluding evidence remains a big favorite}

So what are the real reasons for these decisions???

Let us ask Eli Broad and other members of the well healed elite, who are poised to put hands in the cashbox, for those real reasons for decisions made by "Eli Broad Foundation Board Director Maria Goodloe-Johnson" and by the four directors that spent close to $500,000 to get elected in 2007.

Maybe we should follow the Money. Duh!!!


Seattle remains math clueless as Tacoma approves new math books.
Maria Goodloe-Johnson is appealing a Superior Court Order of Remand so kids remain with an insanely poor k-12 math program. This deal got OSPI to pick 3 out of 3 Seattle schools for SIG grants while the state average was less than 50% selected. (something smells at OSPI when NTN gets approval and schools with completely misaligned math programs get funding) It is a Racket.


Yes there is a reason that all these nonsense decisions are taking place. It is all about $$$ and to hell with the kids' educations as they are in the way of the profiteers.

The Smartest Guys in the Room are a genuine plague.

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Anonymous said...

In Washington state for sure, education is a racket and there's plenty of hands taking money from out of the tax till - especially when the economy tilts as it has been. Vote no on bonds, you're subsidizing elitists so they can put food on their tables. Their rants about education are plain quackery - a fool's paradise.

You want to save education - use their silly textbooks and hasten the revolution of dumbing down students. Treat their rants as directives and watch our society topple over from Greek wisdom as interpreted by superstitious, racist Midwestern philosophers. They enjoy spreading lies about bigfoot and witches, so let them enjoy their labors for a time. I will relish the chaos that they will create, simply to be a witness to their own end.