Friday, May 21, 2010

IB thoughts from a friend

IB education is very academically rigorous. My problem with the IB programs has nothing to do with the academics of the programs. My problem with the IB philosophy is that it openly embraces values clarification or values education as an integral & integrated part of each of its curricula. If the parents of the student are aware of this, then that’s great. But many of the parents I’ve spoken with are not aware or even in denial of this fact. It’s easy to verify this, as the IBO is proud of this part of their mission.

Many people say its programs are anti-American, anti-Western, and anti-Christian… if that matters to you, then you be the judge. What the IBO says is that they want to mold world citizens with a worldview that balances fundamentalism with relativism. They also promote the various Declarations of the UN as being conceptually superior (universal) to the foundational documents of any nation-states (including the US ), and the concept of Human Rights (as defined by the UN) as being superior to our (US) guaranteed unalienable/ constitutional rights. I strongly disagree with both of these contentions. One thing that I think everyone would agree with is that their agenda of values education will have much more effect on younger students as opposed to older students. I might allow my discerning high-schooler to be involved in such programs, but most definitely not my vulnerable grade-schooler.


Anonymous said...

I would not allow any of my children to participate in the IB program. When a program comes with a political agenda, that's all I need to know. K-12 should be about education, NOT indoctrinaton.
I think you need to do a little more research. Sounds like you are skimming the surface of the IB/UN program, but there's more that is disturbing.

Parents around the country are starting to figure out the political influence this program has on their children and they are starting to fight to get rid of it.

I would suggest any parent who has this program in their district, work to remove it from their school. Not only will you save yourself valuable tax dollars, you'll save yourself from having to deprogram your children when they get home from school everyday.

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Anonymous said...

IB is a rigorous curriculum, not a political agenda. If you are a student fortunate to be in an IB track then you are in a college track and we're talking ivy league or Berkeley for most folks. Yes, some people would like to see those students mainstreamed so the Hoover Institute and politicals could brag about how their efforts to reform education are working. Not that it will matter much longer once they cut out all the funding for IB - what difference does it make anyway - public education can't sink much lower than it is already - or will it? Lets see how much of their bond measures go to improve education and not just turn into pocket money for some wealthy individuals.

Anonymous said...

TruthaboutIB ought to go back and rewrite US math textbooks so American students can learn some algebra or even more important, their multiplication facts. TruthaboutIB is probably another propagandist invention created by the SaneMath idiots who need another smokescreen to cover up their incompetence.

Truth About IB said... is MY website which contains a plethora of information about this corrupt arm of the UN that seeks to undermine national sovereignty and dispel religious values American children have been raised with. IB is a globalist scam and bravo to the writer of this blog for recognizing that whatever "rigorous" academics IB may claim, they are nothing but a cover for its true, new world order agenda.

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Ridiculous, when there are so many more important things to do like educating mainstream kids. IB is voluntary and students who complete the IB Program enter college prepared, unlike the majority of the wacked up programs in the US. What would you do, recommend home-schooling or a charter school? Your website doesn't say who you are so I'm very skeptical.

Anonymous said...

It is just as silly to claim public education has an agenda that is Un-American.

dan dempsey said...

Anon said:
"It is just as silly to claim public education has an agenda that is Un-American."

I do not know about Un-American but I certainly can claim that there is a lot of ineffective and inefficient nonsense that has taken place over the last 30 years.
Whole Language and Reform Math being two terrific examples.

I received the following letter:

Dear Dan

Here is what I believe is known:

1. There is no body of evidence based on randomised, controlled studies demonstrating that discovering information is a more efficient and effective way of learning than being shown the same information.

2. There is overwhelming data from randomised, controlled studies demonstrating that students learn more efficiently and effectively from studying worked examples than from solving the equivalent problems. This well-known effect is known as the worked example effect and it has been replicated on many occasions around the world. The effect should not exist if discovering information is more efficient and effective than being shown the same information.

3. On its "What Works" web site, the US Department of Education recommends an emphasis on worked examples in learning mathematics.

4. Textbooks that do not emphasise worked examples are deficient.

You may use the above in any way you see fit.


Professor John Sweller
School of Education
University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052

Cognitive Load Theory

Anonymous said...

Thanks, double-bind hypothesis is once more been proven. Far better to stay skeptical until students and parents stop their protesting.

Anonymous said...

IB is not rigorous -- it's a lot of bunk that promotes political ideologies. Just reading any article about what the kids are doing in it will tell even the least discerning reader.

Basically what we are doing is giving our tax dollars so the UN can undermine national sovereignty and brainwash the kids about it in the meantime. IB needs to be outlawed.

Anonymous said...

IB is a rigorous international standard that far surpasses US standards. IB won't guarantee foreign university enrollment, but everyone who is successful goes to college. IB is not for everyone, but it is voluntary. I wish all US schools could offer such a track.

Anonymous said...

'Giving taxpayer dollars to the UN' - that's a bigot's looniness like Minnesota's Edwatch org -

Here's some bullets from the American Kremlin.

...Focus on the Family, the Association of Christian Schools International, and the Heritage Foundation. ...featured speaker at many education conferences across the nation including the Education Policy Conference in St. Louis,.... the Council on National Policy in Washington, D.C., and Philis Schlafly's Eagle Forum Leadership Conference...gee lets attack academic programs that are actually teaching kids, instead of making them stupider. These lobbyists want to dismantle public education and replace it with their own grand agenda.