Friday, May 14, 2010

Mr. Leinwand and Microsoft Math/Science Partnership

See THIS for a review of Ed Week Blog excerpts and critical comments by David Orbits.


Anonymous said...

Leinwand is a math idiot.

A formula for school districts on how to handle parents uprisings against reform math programs.

FIDIWTS - (pronounced Fidiwitz)

Step 1. Feign concern - Listen sympathetically and change nothing

Step 2. Isolate - If complaints persist, tell concerned parents they are in the minority and everyone else is happy with the program

Step 3. Divide and conquer - If parents organize, offer multiple parent math nights spreading "all is well - don't worry" vibes

Step 4. Interest will die down over time - Form a Math Committee to look into things and report back at a later date

Step 5. We're doing something - Put in some band aids- a computer program, extra help

Step 6. Tell them what they want to hear - Talk about a blended curriculum and change nothing

Step 7. Show them what they want to see - Send home recognizable homework but continue to promote reform math at school

Repeat as necessary.

by Stefanie Nelkens

kprugman said...

Math reform bottom line is money -increasing school dropouts and lowering academic achievement is their game. Benevolent totalitarians think they can create and lead a society of intolerance and bigotry.