Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cheerleading from the Seattle Times
MGJ's coronation REJECTED
by the readers

HERE from the Seattle Times is an article accompanied by 39 of 39 readers' comments informing the Times that they are full of phoney huey propaganda.
Comments: Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson well executes school board's goals

A small survey critical of Seattle Schools Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson should be weighed against the views of tens of thousands of parents choosing to send their children to the city schools. (Are they kidding???) (MGJ and well executes goals in the same sentence)


Anonymous said...

"Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson well executes school board's goals"

Someone needs to send their copy editor back to school! Well can be used as an adverb 'or' an adjective. This editor was seriously confused.

Anonymous said...

Should read - "Maria executes school board's goals well?"

I know! Title read before editing "Maria good executes sb's goals"

The Times is a riches to rags story. yech!