Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seattle Times Math Letters


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The connection to Washington's reform and John Goodlad (HCC) goes back a long way and McMannon is the link between Goodlad and neoconservatives, like Magnuson and Nelson. Suenoir (Goding) is the pro-DA school board member from Highline.

The connection to UW is Goodlad and Warfield + Minstrell, Stimpson, and Simpson (Mercer Island teachers). Warfield's father is McShane (National Science Board, 56-68).

Her father in-law started the Orthodox Presbyterian church and from there you start connecting dots and seeing the historical ties between University of Chicago, Stanford Research Institute, R.E. Moore, Dwight Moody (pre-millenialism), and theosophers (spiritualists), like Blavatsky.

No wonder American education is in so much trouble. Discovery learning according to Platoists is inspired by angels.