Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Report ... Strong American Schools


As we close our doors at Strong American Schools, we have released a new report, Turning Campaign Pillars Into Presidential Priorities, that documents how Strong American Schools' ED in '08 campaign became one of the most successful independent advocacy initiatives of the 2008 election season and has helped turn the need for education reform from a low-priority campaign issue into one of the Obama Administration's top policy priorities.
The report cites several accomplishments of Strong American Schools, including:

Winning support from both major party nominees. Then-Senator Obama supported -and his priorities as president continue to include-all three Strong American Schools' policy pillars. Senator McCain advocated for two of the three pillars.

Shaping the views of other national figures. ED in '08 had significant input in the education plans produced by the campaigns of other presidential aspirants, some of whom continue to be influential within their parties: Then-Senators Clinton and Biden, Governor Romney and Mayor Giuliani.

Changing political paradigms. ED in '08 changed the debate around performance pay for teachers-previously a non-starter for Democrat candidates-and helped political leaders advocate for the reform initiative.

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