Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cental Admin strikes again .. More Nonsense training

A message from Los Angeles via Cyberspace:

But whose definition of a good teacher is to be used? You reap what you sow. I work for LAUSD. They continually train teachers in bad stuff. The young teachers drink this stuff in because it goes right along with all the other horrible training that they have gotten in the schools of education and later from the district's professional development. Our mini district is pushing hard for writer's workshop again for English/Language Arts. The district administrators/ resource people have never lost the desire for hands-on/fuzz for both math and science.

All eight third grade teachers were pulled out of classrooms all day one day last week to be trained in our new Math program - miraculously not Everyday Math BTW. (Each grade has had their own day of training.) The first hour was spent training us in "Access Strategies." These strategies are not from our state Math framework, nor are they part of the new Math program. They are part of the nonsense that is LAUSD.


Anonymous said...

LAUSD does not follow the California Framework. What this person is writing is absolutely correct. Roughly 40% of the students will not graduate from a high school. It is a monumental policy disaster that could have been avoided, but will take decades to correct.

concerned said...

"They continually train teachers in bad stuff."

This is SO TRUE! Quality professional development should first be focused on CONTENT KNOWLEDGE - something that most educationists are NOT PREPARED TO

This is why teacher training is often meaningless.

Without CONTENT KNOWLEDGE even the best instructional methods can't prepare students for success.

School districts should also not RESTRICT GOOD TEACHERS who possess appropriately content knowledge BY IMPLEMENTING MEDIOCRE CURRICULA.