Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fund Raising at $1000 more Needed

Good News we've raised $1000 toward legal expense for the McLaren, Mass, Porter legal appeal of Seattle's discriminatory selection of Discovering Math. The appeal was filed on June 5, 2009 in King County Superior Court.

Keith Scully is the attorney and the estimate is around $5000 to see this through.
Much of the math work in the analysis is being done by Where's the Math? members.

Mr. Sculley received about 1200 pages of material that Seattle used in arriving at their decision.
Marty McLaren now has this in her possession. A response is due in November with a possible trial date set for perhaps January.

To donate an account has been set up:

Donations for attorney's fees:
Checks can be made out to "Seattle Math Group" and
mailed to:

Marty McLaren,
7020 18th SW, J22,
Seattle, WA 98106.

Donations can also be made directly to PayPal,
(a fee of about $3.30 per $100 is deducted).

Go to the Paypal site and click on the
"send money" tab. Then it will ask for email address

The Issaquah School District was on track to adopt Discovering Math
and decided to wait an additional year. They mentioned legal action in a nearby district in announcing their postponement.


dan dempsey said...

Update... fund raising is now $1200+

kollagen intensiv said...

what is the recent count today? I would like to know the said comment here says $1200.