Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NJ joins effort to draft US math regs,
Groups say
National math standard doesn't add up

June 3, 2009

NJ joins effort to draft US math regs

National math standard doesn't add up, groups say


New Jersey announced this week that it has joined a 46-state effort to craft national standards in math and language arts, an unprecedented move that's already drawing fire in a state with a strong home rule history.

New Jersey signed an agreement to participate in the Common Core State Standards Initiative, a project that plans to create kindergarten through high school graduation standards for the two subjects.

"I think it would be foolhardy not to be at the table and not to be part of the discussion," said state Commissioner of Education Lucille Davy. "Our children in New Jersey are entering a world where they are not competing against just each other, they are entering a global economy."

There is no difference in the math that fourth-graders should learn in New Jersey or anywhere else in the country, Davy said.

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Anonymous said...

Phil Daro will be heading up the drafting of the math standards according to the article.

Wasn't he on that video you posted about how to mislead parents?